Lane Assignments announced!

Punk Rock Bowling

Lane Assignments for the 18th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament are up!

Click here to see the squad assignments.


We're one week away so we thought now was a good time to post the lane and bowling center assignments for PRB 2016.

Go to this link and you can see your teams info sorted alphabetically by team name with the lane and bowling center you're bowling at. If you don't know the name of your team (you really should!?!), you can also sort the list by the names of bowlers so you can find your name which will lead you to the name of your team, your lane assignment and where you're bowling.

Shuttles will be on First St. in front of the Golden Nugget Pool entrance at 11am sharp to take you to your bowling center. Please check to make sure you're on the shuttle going to the correct bowling center where you bowl, which you should know now that you've checked out the link we sent you above. Whether you use the PRB shuttle or drive yourself to the bowling center, please get there by 11:30am and proceed to your lane to start practice. Don't be late or your team may be disqualified.

All the information for teams has been sent to the bowling centers so if you need to make a change please show up early to your lanes Saturday, let the PRB scoring desk know AND then let the score assist at the front desk of the bowling alley know and they will help make the change. If you do not inform PRB, you may be disqualified.

Bowling begins at noon, you bowl 3 games league style, and shuttles will arrive at 3pm to take you back to the Golden Nugget, so you have time to drop off your balls and run on down to the Festival!

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, please email and someone will get back to you. PLEASE NO QUESTIONS ABOUT CHANGING NAMES/BOWLERS/LANES. It's too late for us to make any changes by email as explained previously, make your changes at the bowling center.

We will be posting the top 60 teams for the playoffs on the PRB website and posting links via our social media Saturday night. If you made the playoffs congratulations, shuttles will again be available to take you to Sam's Town Sunday at 11am picking up at the same place as Saturday. All 4 members of your team must bowl. If you can't bowl in the playoffs, please email us at and let us know so we can let in the next team on the bubble. 

Thanks and see you on the lanes!



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