Catch Defiance Live at Country Saloon Las Vegas 5/28/16


Though they formed only in 1993, Portland, OR, punk rockers Defiance are traditionalists with a capital T -- dedicated to reviving the classic sounds of punk and Oi!, as pioneered in the late '70s and early '80s.

Original members Alaric (vocals), Mike (guitar/vocals), Kelly (bass), and Eric (drums) all cut their teeth in local underground acts such as Deprived, Resist, and Unamused prior to joining forces, and proceeded to tour both the U.S. and Europe, while unleashing a steady stream of independent singles, EPs, and albums like 1996's No Future No Hope and 1998's Nothing Lasts Forever.

The latter's title proved indeed prophetic when Alaric, Eric, and recently acquired second guitarist Chris all decided to quit just as Defiance was planning its first Japanese tour. But founding guitarist Mike eventually recruited new singer Matt, bassist Alan, and drummer Bri, and relaunched the band via 2002's also aptly named Out of the Ashes, which, despite the new membership, saw Defiance's street punk sound little changed.

The very handy Decade of Defiance: Complete Singles 1993-2003 collection followed a year later, and then a fourth studio album, Rise or Fall, in 2004.

Current Lineup:

  • Tony-Vocals
  • Gibby-Vocals
  • MIke Arrogant-Vocals/guitar
  • Kelly-Bass
  • Niff-Drums


 Catch Defiance Live at Country Saloon Las Vegas 5/28/16 

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