FAQ's PRB Las Vegas, NV

I want to go to everything, what's the best deal!?!

We recommend the 3 day Festival pass which gets you into all 3 days of the festival and an Exclusive Pre-Sale Access Code to purchase club show tickets. Each 3 Day Pass or VIP Pass Purchase will include one access code for an Exclusive Club Show Pre-Sale. The barcode number on each 3 day pass is your code which will allow you pre-sale access in March when our club shows go on sale. There will be a purchase limit of 1 club show ticket per day (up to 3 club show tickets total) Club show tickets almost always sell out in minutes, so this gives you the opportunity to beat the mad rush.

VIP passes, what do you get?

  • 3 Free Drinks per day  ($72 Retail value)
  • 1 Festival T-Shirt  ($20 Retail Value)
  • 1 Limited edition PRB 20 Yr. Anniversary Hardcover Coffee Table Book  ($40 retail value(NEW!)
    • (featuring 20 years of PRB art, band and fan stories, and a general history of the event)
  • Separate VIP entrance into festival (avoid the line)
  • Two level viewing section with shade
  • Close to stage viewing area (NEW!)
  • Shaded seating areas with couches and chairs
  • Misters
  • Private VIP Bars
  • Air Conditioned full bathrooms with Valets
  • VIP food vendors (NEW!)
  • Club Show Pre-Sale Access Code

Buying a festival pass saves you money and insures you won’t miss any of the festival, so we recommend it. Single Day tickets will become available in April ONLY if the shows have not sold out yet. Typically we do sell out so it's best to get your 3 day pass while they are available.

You can ONLY buy tickets on the PRB website.

We accept credit card payment for tickets. If your transaction goes through, you should get an email confirmation. If you don’t, then it’s likely your card was declined. If you have problems, check with the ticketing company here:


The Outdoor Festival is ALL AGES

Kids under 8 get in FREE.

* Festival is Rain or shine.
* All tickets are non-refundable, no exchanges or cancellations.
* Line up subject to change.

NO Re-entry

* All patrons subject to search.
* Studs ARE permitted
* NO spikes or sharp objects, cans or bottles, alcoholic beverages, coolers or food, weapon (with or without a permit) sticks, balls, bats, chains or clubs, blow horns, balloons, bikes, skateboards, pens, markers, umbrellas, lawn chairs, small stadium seat or lowback chairs!, No video equipment, squirt or water guns, unauthorized vending, concessions, merchandise, literature of promotions, no animals. Also no outside food or beverage allowed.



(Driver’s license or passport will work) NO EXCEPTIONS!

Sign up for PRB Text Message Alerts: http://m.punkrockbowling.com/text_alerts.php

CLUB SHOWS will be announced in March.

We have 4 venues where we do late night club shows on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Venue capacities each night range from 350 to 1,400 and last year all the shows sold out, some in the first hour tickets went on sale. Again, due to the limited supply of tickets and the high demand for some of these shows, we recommend you be ready at your internet device when they go on sale in March. Or buy the 3 day festival pass to take advantage of the “jump in the line” bonus code you will receive when you buy the pass! We will be announcing the club show line-ups in March.


The PRB special room blocks at the Golden Nugget hotel sold out by April last year. We recommend you purchase your tickets and rooms as soon as you can. You do NOT need to purchase a room to purchase tickets. Purchasing a room does NOT include tickets for any event. All tickets are a separate purchase. Room info is available on the PRB website, but you will save substantially over the hotels regular prices when you purchase the 3 or 4 night special deal.



The D Hotel & Casino / http://www.thed.com/
Four Queens Hotel & Casino / http://www.fourqueens.com/
Fremont Hotel & Casino  / http://www.fremontcasino.com/
Golden Gate Hotel & Casino / http://www.goldengatecasino.com/hotel/
Main Street Hotel, Casino & Brewery / http://www.mainstreetcasino.com/



If you’ve never been to PRB, the festival site and the clubs are all within several blocks of each other and the hotels. This year, we have a new location for the outdoor festival stage which is right next door to the Golden Nugget Hotel at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center. It will still be the same set up as always with no seating (GA standing room only,) Beer Garden, Food Vendors, Cheap Drinks, but we will now also have A/C bathrooms, video screens and more shade from the buildings surrounding the space. Most everything is a 5-10 minute walk. You won’t need to drive anywhere if you stay at the Nugget. If you stay on the “Strip” you’re looking at a $15-$20 cab ride to downtown and another one back, so you’re gonna spend a bunch of money you probably didn’t count on. Check out the map above and familiarize yourself with it. We highly recommend you take advantage of the PRB hotel rooms deals so you can be close to all the action and hang out with all your old and new friends for what is the best punk rock weekend of the year!



Returning teams get priority so sign up and pay for your team as soon as you can. If you didn’t bowl last year, you’re considered a “new” team and must sign up on the wait list. We will open up the registration to wait list teams beginning mid January. Please check the Bowling info for further information.


PRB is an amateur bowling tournament for fun. We do not allow pro, semi-pro or amateur tournament or hi roller league bowlers to bowl as it would be unfair to the 98% of bowlers in our tournament who cannot compete with these “elite” bowlers. If you attempt to enter a team member who is overqualified you will be subject to immediate disqualification and a lifetime ban. If in doubt whether your team member is overqualified to bowl at PRB, please email us at bowling@byorecords.com.

All hotels do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to book rooms. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to occupy a room without the person who is 21+ that booked the room staying in that room for the time it is booked. Hotel rooms are sold on a double occupancy basis. Requests for providing additional items for additional people (cots, pillows, towels, blankets etc.) may be subject to additional fee’s charged directly by the hotel. We want everyone to have a great time, however we also want the hotels to be happy and invite us back. So please be courteous and respectful to hotel staff and guests.

Q: I can’t make it and need a refund, what do i do?

When you purchase a bowling team and/or room through the PRB website you agree that you will pay a $20 cancellation fee for each team and/or room you cancel. There are no refunds or cancellations on tickets. You are free to sell, trade or give away your ticket. Each ticket has a unique bar code and can only be used once. The name appearing on the ticket is the name of the person that paid for the ticket but anyone can use the ticket. You will only need I.D. for the Festival shows if you are drinking. If you are under 18 you will need to be accompanied by someone over 18 when you enter the festival.


May 1, 2017: Last day for full team/room refund (less $20 per room/team cancellation fee) Any cancellations after May 1, 2016 will be charged a 30% cancellation fee.

May 15, 2017: Last Day to refund room/team reservations (less 30% cancellation fee): We realize hotels offer varying cancellation policies, but please note that by purchasing your room through our block, you are subject to these terms in order to receive the discounted rate that we are offering. We absolutely cannot provide refunds, either in full or partial, after this date.

Q: Is there a deadline to make a change on my bowling team?

Wednesday May 17, 2017: Last day for any team changes. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any other changes will have to be made at the lanes the day of the tournament as we will have already turned in our list to the bowling centers to input in the scoring system. You must notify the PRBT scoring desk AND the the Bowling Center desk of any changes at least 30 minutes before you bowl. Please be aware that if you are making last minute additions to your team, we will not be able to carry over any handicap from the previous year for that bowler if they are a returning bowler. They will be treated as a new bowler. Changes made at the lanes are discouraged. The tournament handicaps are entered at the lanes in advance. Any last minute changes made at the lanes without notifying the PRB scoring desk are GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION AND BOWLING FEE’S WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Q: Why was my credit card declined when I tried to buy tickets/rooms/teams?

When a valid card is declined, it is almost always because the address or the zip code provided does not match the billing zip code for the credit card being submitted. Please check with your bank or credit card company to make sure you are entering in the correct information (did you move and not let them know?) or if there is any other reason why your card was declined. Because our ticketing process is done only through the internet, the bank/credit card companies require the address match since we are unable to swipe your card and check your photo ID.

Q: My card was declined, so why were funds withdrawn from my account?

When you attempt to make a payment, your bank/credit card company may put a hold on the funds. This sometimes appears on your card as though the charge has gone through; however, if the charge is declined, the hold is dropped within 24-48 hours. All held funds for declined charges are released back into your account shortly and PRB never “takes” your money. Please understand that BYO/PRB does not approve or decline the charge to your card, only your band/credit card company can do that. If there are problems with your card being approved, then you need to contact the credit card company, not us.

Q: I’m using someone else’s card to purchase tickets/rooms/teams, is that a problem.

Typically it is not, however we may contact you to get a signed letter of permission from the card owner. Most people using their relatives or friends credit cards to make purchases on our website are honest, but unfortunately there are those few that are not. So, if the name on the credit card does not match the name of the person who the purchase is made for, we likely will contact you for clarification. This is to protect everyone.

Q: I bought my hotel room, now what?

You should have received a confirmation email shortly after you made payment. If you did not, email us at info@punkrockbowling.com. When you arrive at the hotel, one of the people who’s name is on the reservation will be required to present a government issued ID (drivers license, passport, ID card) matching that name at the check in desk of the hotel you booked. Your room was prepaid through the PRB room block via your booking on our website, however the hotel will require you to put a credit card imprint (any card, does not need to be the one used to pay PRB for the room) on file to hold as a “deposit” for any extra charges or potential damages. If you have any changes for your room they must be emailed to info@punkrockbowling.com. The hotel gets a rooming list for the PRB room block in early May, so please do not call the hotel directly as they cannot make any changes to the reservation. If you have specific requests, (e.g. handicap rooms, adjoining rooms, switch from a smoking to non, etc) please call the hotel no more than one week before you check in and they will do their best to take care of you. PRB just sells the rooms, the hotel is responsible for assigning the rooms and they will do their very best to get you the room you request.

Q: I called the hotel and they don’t have my reservation.  What gives?

All rooms are prepaid through us. We administer all the rooms that weekend at the hotel, so if you have any specific questions about your reservation, contact us directly at info@punkrockbowling.com. We don’t turn in the list to the hotel until the beginning of May so that’s why calling the hotel will not get any answers.

Q: Wait, I purchased a room registration, but it says Fri-Sun night, but I want to check out on Monday.

All room  registrations are with a Monday or Tuesday check-out. Get it? Fri (depending on which you picked) through Sun. or Mon. Night. That means that your reservation is good until Monday or Tuesday morning check out.

  • I’m coming to Vegas early/leaving late and want to book extra nights but you don’t offer them on the website?

We don’t get any special rates for nights before or after our block. We recommend you book those extra nights directly with the hotel & contact the hotel by phone or email a few days before you arrive & request keeping the same room for your entire stay. They assure us they will do their best to accommodate, but we have no control of this and they cannot guarantee anything.

Q: My team bowled two years ago, but couldn’t make it out last year,  are we a “returning team”?  Do I have to wait to register my team?

No, you are not a returning team. We ONLY give priority to teams who bowled in last year’s tournament (May 2016). If you are a new team, simply email : wait@byorecords.com and let us know about your desire to come to the tournament and we’ll be in contact about getting you a lane again. The waiting list is first come first serve.

Q: My asshole teammate and I got into a fight  and now I want my own team. Do  I have to  wait?  Can I tell you what happened?

NO – please don’t tell us.  Just sign up for the wait list. Whoever was the contact person for the team is who we will consider to “hold ” the team.  If that’s you, great. If not, maybe you should’ve waited until after bowling to pick a fight.

Q: Can my band get on one of the shows?

Our shows are booked months ahead of time.  We have a long list of bands that would love to play but you are welcome to email us at prbbands@punkrockbowling.com with your information and we’ll add you to this list. IF we have a spot for you, we’ll email you. Follow up emails by bands asking for a spot will definitely NOT help you’re chances, so please DON’T.

Q: I bought show tickets but I can’t go. Can I have a refund?

Tickets for all shows are non-refundable.

Q: Can I replace one of my team members who is our drummer with my friend who is a league bowler and averages 290?

No,  if you bring a ringer to our tournament, you will immediately be disqualified and publicly humiliated in front of 15,000 punk rock bowling attendees. After that, you are free to hang out all weekend if you dare!

Q: I got a charge on my credit card from BYO RECORDS, what’s that?!

Yes, all Punk Rock Bowling charges will show up on your statement as BYO RECORDS. This information is clearly listed when you make any purchase as well as being prominently displayed on any email receipts. If you neglect to read this information or “forget” when reviewing your statement we urge you to please contact us. If you “dispute” the charges because you don’t recognize them, your tickets or any other purchases may be cancelled by PRB, so take a few minutes and send us an email. It will save us all time and aggravation.

We hope you found the answers you are looking for here. If not, please email us at info@punkrockbowling.com.